Key Personnel

The JCB team members are highly skilled and have been selected for their breadth of experience across a range of projects and roles. Their knowledge is second to none which enables them to work collaboratively with clients to develop innovative solutions to challenging situations.

At JCB we place strong emphasis on supporting our team members to constantly improve their industry knowledge and skills through training and professional development programs. Through the continual improvement of our teams we are able to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

If you are looking for skilled operators who can fit seamlessly into your project team to achieve results then contact us.

Meet Our Team

John Beaumont

Managing Director

John Beaumont is the Managing Director of JCB. His extensive industry experience equips him with the practical skills to ensure onsite works are constructed to exact specifications and meet stringent quality assurance targets. John also has the capacity to perform the higher level planning and oversight required to manage multiple projects through to a successful completion for clients.

Brett Robinson

Chief Financial officer

Brett Robinson is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) who manages JCB’s finance and accounting systems. He previously held a number of high level accounting roles with major construction corporations. Brett’s unique business insights and rigorous attention to detail ensure JCB meet their contractual obligations and maintain high levels of compliance with relevant legislation.

Kay Beaumont

Office Manager

Kay Beaumont oversees JCB’s day to day operations and supports the various project teams to achieve their daily targets and overall goals. She is responsible for the administration, planning and human resources functions of the company. Kay’s ability to efficiently manage the operations of the business and provide a high level of support to staff and clients ensures JCB maintains an excellent reputation for reliability and quality service provision.

JCB bring together teams of highly skilled and industry accredited personnel to work on specific projects as required. Team members are chosen for their ability to work collaboratively with other professionals and contractors to achieve project milestones. Industry accreditations and site inductions are managed by JCB to ensure project staff are able to commence working safely and efficiently. The project personnel JCB can supply includes:

  • Contract Mangers
  • Construction Managers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Plant Operators
  • Safety Officers
  • Workshop Manager
  • Site Maintenance Manager
  • Workshop Tradesmen