New Acland Coal Mine


New Hope Coal


North-west of Oakey, Queensland

Project Scope and Challenges

JCB were contracted to build infrastructure for a new production coal mine. Works included:

  • Rom Pad
  • Box Cut
  • Raw Water Dam
  • Environment Dams
  • Sedimentation Dams
  • Tailings Dams and associated drains, spillways & contours

JCB were required to work with relevant agencies and contractors to meet Cultural Heritage Standards & Protocols. JCB also needed to establish a team of experts in their field to meet the engineered requirements for the mine infrastructure. Another requirement was to locate the Emerson class material required to construct the referrable dams required on the project.

Lack of construction water was a major challenge on this project which needed development of water storage from bores to meet OMC specifications. Perhaps the greatest challenge was the construction of a 1 kilometre long tailings dam wall with a 1:2 batter on the inside to a height of 25mtrs. In terms of WH&S standards this was extremely high risk in the prevailing wet conditions of -1 +1 OMC.


JCB brought together a team with local knowledge and industry qualifications in surveying, soil testing, engineering and quality assurance to ensure all specifications to complete the project were successfully achieved.

Water storage requirements were overcome by building turkey nest storage ponds that were equipped with a pump and 8” pipe and standpipe to fill a 50,000 litre water truck in minimal time for conditioning borrow pits of Emerson class material.

The construction of the tailings dam wall was built to a Job Hazard Analysis safety standard of high risk which required a team of highly experienced operators, supervisors and safety officers. This project required onsite controllers to manage the high risk environment. Team work and safety conditioning was essential for Safe Work Practices.