Site Rehabilitation for Swanbank Enterprise Park


Investa Propery Group


Ipswich, South East Queensland

Project Scope and Challenges

The purpose of this project was to restructure and rehabilitate the Rhonda Collery mine site for a property developer seeking to establish a new industrial park. Works entailed removal of the old mine workshop and associated infrastructure which contained asbestos materials. The most challenging aspect of the project however, was the removal of a stockpile of coal stone that had caught fire and created a huge sponcom event. After remediation works JCB were required to rehabilitate the site prior to the construction phase commencing.


This was a challenging project which required JCB to apply to the Mines Inspectorate to become a coal mine operator in order to work with the EPA requirements to surrender a mining lease. Removal of the workshop and infrastructure containing a large amount of asbestos was managed by JCB’s specialist hygienist team who are accredited in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos materials.

The sponcom stockpile was removed using JCB’s dedicated equipment to build an earth tank that was filled with water. A dozer was used to push the red hot coal stone into the water to quench the heat. The coal stone was excavated from the water tank and again placed on a stockpile where a scraper would spread it out on a hard stand area so it could be watered again by a water truck to cool completely. Testing was then done by Simtars with heat cameras to verify temperatures were safely controlled.

WH&S - PPE equipment, gas monitors and fire suppression units were fitted to the equipment used in this stage of the project. Once the coal met temperature requirements the area was capped with clay and compacted to avoid a reoccurrence of a sponcom. The area was then rehabilitated to final grass levels ready for construction to begin.